Repairs and Servicing
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Whatever your level of expertise, you deserve to have your instrument in excellent playing condition. Lets face it, whether student or pro, playing well is difficult enough, without having to fight against a leaky instrument.

Many players don’t have their instrument looked at until something goes wrong. A regular checkover can ensure that everyday wear and tear doesn’t cause problems, and can add to the longevity of your instrument.

Please be aware that I often have a waiting list of several weeks, and though I do my best to keep things moving, I can only work on one at a time. For this reason, and because it’s the right way to look after an instrument anyway, I’d recommend having a regular service rather than waiting until something goes wrong. That way, you can keep playing, plus your instrument will stay in good shape and you may avoid expensive repairs which are often needed when an instrument is neglected.
Here is a guide to the various levels of service we offer.
Clean instrument as well as possible without dismantling, check for leaks, re-seat pads, replace missing corks, regulate key action, lubricate and play test.

Strip down, clean body, keys, rods and screws. Wood clarinets will have the body oiled. During re-assembly, all pads are and checked, carefully re-seated, or replaced where necessary, cork, felt and springs are checked and renewed where necessary. Any bent keys straightened and worn or loose keywork will be tightened. On flutes, loose foot and head joints are tightened. Regulate key action, lubricate, play test.

As per full service, plus tone holes are checked and levelled if required. All pads replaced with premium quality pads or those of customers choosing.

There is no fixed price list, as each job is different. I often get asked, understandably, “how much will it cost?”- It’s impossible to say for sure without seeing the instrument, so you are welcome to make an appointment to bring it in for an estimate. Charges are based on my hourly rate, plus any materials needed.

I thoroughly recommend Dick Hamer, who has all the qualities needed to be a great woodwind repair man: He’s a thorough, meticulous perfectionist who takes great pride in his work; also - unlike many in the trade - he’s a great woodwind player, equally at home on all saxophones, flutes and clarinets, which means he knows exactly how an instrument in perfect working order should feel, sound, and behave. I feel better placed than many to say this, as Dick was my teacher and inspiration from the age of twelve, without whom I certainly wouldn’t have pursued a career in music.

When I had the opportunity of recording with jazz legend Cedar Walton in New York recently, I took my tenor saxophone to Dick beforehand, who gave my treasured instrument an excellent service. I felt completely confident on the day that my horn wouldn’t cause any problems, and it didn’t, in fact, it felt great!

Thanks Dick.
Osian Roberts.
Having known Dick as a wonderfully gifted saxophonist I was totally unaware of his fine technical skills in instrument repairs.

In the past i have had to travel outside of Wales to have my cherished vintage King super 20 alto overhauled or re padded but thankfully a friend of mine highly recommended Dick after having his Yanagisawa overhauled.He kept me fully informed of what needed to be done to get the horn back in shape and i found him to be honest and professional.

Dick is a real pro and the fact that he is also a fine player enables him to fully understand the needs of the player.

My sax is blowin sweeter than ever.

Thanks Dick.
Dave Moreau
I would like to say a big thank you to DICK HAMER of South Wales Woodwind!

Last week in Swansea I was horrified to find that my beloved bass clarinet had completely seized up. We had several gigs coming up including the gig at Swansea Jazzland so I was distraught to say the least. All the repairers I know are deep in London and my old friend and clarinet maintainer has gone to Spain!!!! Last time I took the bass apart, when I put it back together I had a key left over so I wasn't going down that route. I thought that at the very least I'd be on the M4 to Cardiff and I am SO tired of driving. I could not believe when I found Dick's website. A first class professional woodwind technician within three miles of Birchgrove, Swansea!!!! It couldn't be true. But it was! Not only did Dick do a fantastic job repairing my bass clarinet, sorting out some fuzzy notes on the way, but he was generous enough to lend me his own bass clarinet for the gig in between.

I can't thank him enough and as my clarinets get a regular hammering they will be seeing him again in the near future for some tender loving maintenance.
Susannah Warren
“Thank you so much for your help. Your guidance and support has made this the best experience for buying a mouthpiece that I ever had”
David Tannahill.
Have not done exhaustive tests but so far the Mark VI seems to be playing better than ever before – awesome job you did on it, I know it is the same instrument, and in many ways is the same as I have always known for all these years, but also seems to have taken on a slightly different, better character –many thanks!!
Glen Manby
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